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Standby Program FAQs

What are empty legs?

Just like a taxi cab, our planes often fly empty to pick up our customers or cargo. Occasionally, we relocate planes to make scheduling and maintenance easier. These flights do not carry passengers and are what we refer to as empty (or dead) legs. These legs make it possible to provide a deeply discounted standby program.

ImagineAir dispatches thousands of empty legs every year.

What is standby?

In the airline business, some privileged customers (or employees) can request and fly in seats on an airplane that would have otherwise been empty-at a modestly reduced fare.

Now, ImagineAir is similarly allowing its customers to request and fly on legs that would have been flown empty (empty legs). If the passenger's flight request and ImagineAir's empty leg match up, we can offer the flight as standby at a dramatically discounted rate. If the requests do not match, you can still pay a modified or full fare to fly your route.

How much does it cost?

During our limited trial program, standby flights will be free of charge. When the system goes public, flight legs will cost between $49 and $249 depending on the length of the flight. The cost includes all three passenger seats aboard the aircraft.

Do you offer round trips?

No. All standby flights are one-way only. While there may be opportunities to fly round trip, ImagineAir will not offer any round trips as standby. Please plan your trips accordingly. ImagineAir can also not guarantee the departure of any single leg. Read more in the Standby reliability FAQ.

How will I know when flights are available?

Standby flights will be available on our standby program webpage. Members will also be able to create trip alerts for specific airports and routes. When a standby leg becomes available matching your request, a message will be sent via email to notify you!

Where are the departure times?

As an on-demand carrier, ImagineAir cannot advertise "scheduled" flights (like the airlines do) due to FAA and DOT regulations. The flight legs you purchase have to be provided at your request. For flights where standby availability exists, we'll provide the the route of flight (departure and/or destination) and you can choose the time based on your flexibility and price sensitivity.

How reliable are standby/non-revenue flights?

ImagineAir creates standby legs based on our current revenue flight schedule-which may sometimes change last-minute. If a revenue customer changes, cancels, or delays their flight it may also change or cancel any standby flight request associated with it. Unless the leg is confirmed, it may be cancelled by our operations team.

We do however expect a dispatch rate of 75-85% for our standby legs.

How reliable is full-fare service?

We are proud to carry an extremely high reliability record. Our dispatch rate for full-fare flights is 97%. Revenue flights are usually only changed or cancelled under circumstances involving weather or unintended maintenance issues.

Can I pay more to confirm the leg?

Absolutely. Every standby leg will feature a standby/non-revenue price and a confirmed price (which may be as low as 50% off of the full fare). By paying the confirmed price, the leg becomes a confirmed flight that is not subject to the whims of our full-fare customers.

Are there cancellation fees?

When the system goes public, ImagineAir will only authorize (pre-auth) credit cards at the point of sale. We do not charge customers until they have arrived at their destination. For customer cancellation or no-shows there will be a small ($10) cancellation fee. If the flight is cancelled or changed by ImagineAir, standby customers will not be charged.

How do I sign up?

To enroll in ImagineAir's standby program you must be invited by an ImagineAir employee or currently enrolled member. Customers who purchase revenue flights will also have access. Invitations are limited and not all members may have one. You may also apply for an invitation on our standby landing site.

Can I invite others?

If you are enrolled in ImagineAir's standby program you may have invitations to distribute. Click the standby tab under your user profile page.

When will standby be open to the public?

We have not set a date for public release, we are maturing the software and hope to open it up completely during 2013.

Where can I see your standby flights?

To view standby and request alerts for standby flights, go to the standby program webpage.

I need more information!

To request more information, enrollment or invites, visit our contact page. Choose Empty-leg/standby information from the drop down menu.


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