Ryan Rodd


An experienced pilot and a career geek, Ryan brings nearly 2 decades of development and technology expertise to ImagineAir. As CTO, he ensures that ImagineAir is one of the most technologically advanced aviation companies in the world. When he’s not pulling long hours in the office, he also moonlights as a lecturer and software development instructor at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. Ryan’s schnauzer Tucker is the Chief Canine Officer at ImagineAir.

Writing code since the ripe age of 15, Ryan has since amassed years of full-stack development and project management experience. While studying Civil Engineering and Computer Science at Georgia Tech, he lead the development of web-based products for enterprise-level clients including NBC Universal, the US Military, and the NFL Network, along with small and medium businesses in the aviation, media, medical, construction, banking and academic fields. At Georgia Tech, Ryan served as President and CEO, then CFO of the Yellow Jacket Flying Club, and earned his private pilot license in 2007. In his spare time, Ryan works on a list of adrenaline-pumping skills including skydiving, flying planes, caving, rappelling, scuba diving, rock climbing and snowboarding, as well as the tasting of as many dark rums (and Belgian beers) as possible, although he emphasizes not all at the same time.