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  • Save thousands compared to a private charter.
  • Fly direct. Don't go out of your way to get there.
  • The plane is yours for up to 3 travelers at no extra cost.

At ImagineAir, we pride ourselves on providing incredible convenience and delivering high value.

Unlike commercial airlines and traditional air charter companies, ImagineAir isn't based out of a single airport or select major markets. Instead, we service virtually every airport in the Eastern US and are expanding. We bring the plane to you. ImagineAir doesn't charge hourly rates, nor a repositioning fee for the aircraft to get back to a home base, unlike traditional air charter flights.

Our fares are based on your city pairs, departure time and flight demand at that time, with the lowest fares during non-peak times.

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Hear from ImagineAir's Happy Clients

  • “My experience with ImagineAir has been great. My family does a lot of hunting in Mississippi, which used to mean a 6 hour drive. Now it’s a 1 ½ to 2 hour flight. For business travel, the convenience of being able to get back home by a decent hour is very worth the price. It’s a good value. And I appreciate being able to easily see online how I can get lower fares with small adjustments to the time I travel. It allows me to plan ahead.”

    Jody Tucker

    CEO, Prestwick Companies

  • “As a pilot myself, I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and thoroughness displayed by our ImagineAir pilot. Safety is of course everyone's utmost concern and it is obvious that it is your company's main priority. I look forward to utilizing your services again in the future.”

    Matthew Alexander