ImagineAir Appoints Linda Rosenberg as Chief Marketing Officer

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NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ImagineAir, a leading on-demand private air travel service which brings unparalleled convenience to regional travel, today announced that it has appointed Linda Rosenberg as Chief Marketing Officer. In her new role, Rosenberg will oversee all aspects of ImagineAir’s business growth and expansion, as well as leading mobile app technology innovation as the company expands its service offerings to key markets in California, Washington, Oregon and other regions on the West Coast.

Rosenberg has over 22 years of bilingual multi-channel marketing and sales experience for startup, mid-sized and enterprise level organizations, including world class companies such as Nestle and Red Bull. She has consulted for dozens of clients and brands across the B2B/B2C, travel, education and healthcare industries, leading their marketing strategies and implementation.

“Linda has an impressive track record of successful marketing and content strategy experience, helping companies reach their business goals via improved credibility and engagement,” said Ben Hamilton, President and CEO of ImagineAir. “We’re pleased to have Linda on board to lead our team and serve as a springboard in expanding ImagineAir across the country while continuing to deliver exceptional customer service through our mobile app, slated for mid-year.”

As a breast cancer survivor, Rosenberg is also very active in fundraising and advocacy in breast cancer and education. Since 2010, her volunteer efforts have generated over $300,000 in donations for two local schools in Culver City, CA and for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Rosenberg is an avid adventurer, with over 50 skydives and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Founded in 2005, ImagineAir is a leading on-demand air travel service, which operates the largest floating fleet of piston aircraft in the United States. ImagineAir serves as a quick and seamless option for regional travelers, allowing them to take a quick one or two hour flight instead of a three to eight hour drive. Following its merger with Kavoo in 2014, ImagineAir expanded its service to cover the entire East Coast of the United States, and currently operates more than 5,000 flights annually.

About ImagineAir

ImagineAir is committed to providing safe, affordable, and reliable on-demand air travel service throughout the Eastern United States.  Currently serving over 1,000 airports on the East Coast, with an expansion to the West Coast set for 2016, ImagineAir has the capacity to service over 4,000 airports nationwide. With the largest fleet of Cirrus SR22-GTS aircraft and a network of thousands of underutilized airports, ImagineAir makes regional travel easier, faster, and more comfortable than ever before.  For more information visit or call 877-359-4242.

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