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Do I need to be a member to fly?

No. You can fly with ImagineAir without being a member. Feel free to fly with us without any long-term commitment.

Do you fly out of my airport?

If you are within our current Service Area, we most likely do! ImagineAir operates out of many of the small airports that are not served by big commercial airlines, including the airport that maybe just down the road from your home. When searching for airports on the Book a Flight page, try typing in the city or airport name to search for the local airport near you.

How does ImagineAir price its flights?

Our fares are based on your city pairs, departure time and flight demand at that time, with the lowest fares during non-peak times. We bring the plane to you, as we service virtually every local and major airport in the Eastern U.S. We don’t charge a repositioning fee to get the aircraft back to a home base, unlike traditional air charter flights. Our fares include up to 3 passengers.

How can I get lower fares on ImagineAir?

When you are booking travel, you will see different options that may help you save money, depending on time of departure. On the phone and online, you will be given different options, to help us craft the fare and experience that best meets your needs. When your flight fits in well before or after an existing flight, this added efficiency enables us to pass on even greater savings to you, through lower fares that will be displayed online or offered by our Client Services team by phone or email.Flying there and back the same day? If your return flight leaves within three hours of landing, round trips from certain cities are discounted as much as 40% (varies per route). These fares will be automatically detected after pricing both your departing and return flights on our website.

If you and/or other employees travel often, you might want to consider one of our popular membership options, which provide discounts and exclusive discounts.

How many passengers can fly?

Up to 3 passengers can fly in your party, with no increase in fare. All passengers must be included in the reservation. Weight limitations for combined passenger and baggage weight applies to all flights, to ensure safe aircraft operations.

Will I need to share the plane with another party?

No. The aircraft is yours. You can have a conversation without worrying about other passengers overhearing sensitive information, talk with the pilot, or relax in peace and quiet. The choice is yours.

What are your weight limitations / How much baggage can I bring?

Exceptional convenience and accessibility are derived from ImagineAir‘s use of modern, light, and efficient aircraft. There are weight limitations for the combined weight of all passengers and baggage, and adhering to these is vital for safe aircraft operations, something we take very seriously. For each flight, customers will be provided a with a maximum weight limit that applies to the total weight of all passengers and baggage. There isn’t a specific limit to the number of bags that you can bring.

Can I bring my pet with me?

It’s nice to be able to bring Fido along, isn’t it? Pets under 35 pounds may fly on ImagineAir accompanied by a passenger, under certain conditions. ImagineAir must be notified of your intention to bring a pet at the time of booking, and he or she must be kept in a suitable pet carrier and be able to remain there for the duration of the flight. In limited cases where the animal cannot meet the specified guidelines, special arrangements can be made (such as in the case of service animals). Weight limitations for combined passenger and baggage weight still apply.

Can I bring sporting equipment on my flight?

If it fits safely in the aircraft cargo area and/or seating area, you can bring it. In fact, many of our customers bring their golf clubs with them. Our planes can accommodate 2 sets of golf clubs if there are no more than 2 passengers in your party.

When should I arrive at the airport?

You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to ensure an on-time departure. If you know that you will do that, you don’t need to read the rest of this answer. But here’s the skinny if you might be late: Passengers arriving after their scheduled departure time are not guaranteed flight availability, and are subject to a wait fee of $40 for every 15 minutes after their departure time. If ImagineAir is not able to accommodate a late passenger, the flight will be treated as a passenger no-show, and is subject to such terms and conditions. If ImagineAir is able to accommodate a late passenger, and the request for that passenger was made at least 3 hours in advance of the original departure time, then the departure time may be rescheduled without wait fee charges from the original departure time.

Where do I go to catch my flight?

Airports served by private flights will have a private terminal on the field. These terminals, also called FBOs, are where you meet your pilot for your ImagineAir flight. Flight confirmations will include addresses and contact information for the private terminals for your flights.

Do I need to go through TSA?

No. There are no security checkpoints or TSA agents between you and your aircraft. In many instances your car service, rental car or Uber driver can drop you off and pick you up right at your airplane.

Am I allowed to bring food and drinks on my flight?

Besides hazardous materials and total weight limitations, there are no restrictions on the amount of liquid or food you can bring on your flight. However, there are alcohol restrictions on the amount of alcohol that may be carried, and passengers cannot consume their own alcohol on board, due to FAA regulations. This applies to any airline or charter service as well.

Unopened alcoholic beverage containers in their original retail packaging may be transported if they do not contain more than 24% alcohol by volume. Quantities containing 70% alcohol or less by volume may only be transported in unopened retail packaging when their quantity does not exceed 5 liters (1.3 gallons).

What if I need to cancel my flight?

Flights may be canceled up to 5 PM (local departure time zone) of the day prior to the flight. All cancellations made before 5 PM the previous day are charged a $175 cancellation fee per scheduled leg. A certain amount of free cancellations made prior to 5 PM the day before departure may be waived for Platinum Aircraft Owners Club members leasing their aircraft to ImagineAir.

A flight that is canceled after 5 PM (local time, departure time zone) of the day prior to the flight will be subject to a cancellation fee of $600 per segment, and $175 for Platinum Aircraft Owners Club members. Any cancellation made within 3 hours of departure is considered a no-show. Passengers that do not show up for their reserved flight, or customers that cancel the flight with less than 3 hours’ notice, will be charged the amount of their flight in full.

What if I need to reschedule my flight?

There is no guarantee that requested flight changes are available, but we will do our best to accommodate requests. Any flight change request made by a customer, that can be accommodated, is subject to a $175 change fee. This includes changes in departure time, departure airport, or destination airport. A certain number of change fees may be waived for members of the Platinum Aircraft Owners Club.

The weather is awful. What does that mean for my flight?

Certain weather conditions can affect your flight. Rain or cloudy conditions alone will generally not cause flights to be canceled. While ImagineAir flights may be delayed or canceled on account of any type of prevailing or forecasted weather conditions, specific conditions present a more significant risk for operating. These include widespread thunderstorms, icing, severe winds, or conditions that limit visibility. We will be in contact with you if weather conditions pose a potential need to change your flight.

ImagineAir is committed to passenger safety and will not operate flights in hazardous weather conditions. In the event of any delay greater than 1 hour or cancellation initiated by ImagineAir, passengers will have the following options: 1) No charge for that canceled or delayed flight, or 2) credit a new/existing account with ImagineAir, good for future flights for 1 year from the date of issuance.

If weather or circumstances outside of the customer’s control cause a diversion to a different airport, the customer will be charged the lower fare of the departure-destination pairs.