Welcome to the Era of Affordable, Personal Air Travel

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – April 10, 2007 – ImagineAir today announced the launch of its on-demand, air taxi service to the hundreds of convenient, community airports across the southeastern United States. Using a fleet of new Cirrus SR22-GTS aircraft, ImagineAir now provides regional travelers all the benefits of personal air travel at a fraction of the cost of traditional charter aircraft.

Instead of wasting time driving long distances or dealing with the hassles of commercial air travel, ImagineAir clients can now drive to their nearest local airport and be airborne in a matter of minutes. For business travelers, two- and three-day road trips can be a thing of the past. With ImagineAir, they can visit clients in several different cities in a single day, giving them more productive time at the office as well as more quality time at home with their families. And ImagineAir’s leisure travelers will discover the pleasure of spending less time getting to their destination and more time being there.

“We want to change the way people think about travel,” says Ben Hamilton, President of ImagineAir. “By the time you add up the expense of hotels, meals, and lost productivity, associated with most business travel, it makes good financial sense to take advantage of ImagineAir’s affordable, efficient air service.”

For example, three passengers can fly from the Atlanta area to Charlotte, NC, for a morning business meeting and then to Hilton Head, SC, for an afternoon round of golf, returning to Atlanta in time for dinner. By taking advantage of the ImagineFare discount for same-day travel, the total flight cost is only $1,532. To find out the exact cost of your upcoming travel needs, go to the reservations page on ImagineAir’s website (www.flyimagineair.com/resv/) and enter your destinations and agenda. The price quote you receive is guaranteed.

Customers can save even more becoming an ImagineAir FlightCard member. Four levels of FlightCards are available, offering discounts of up to 20%. For example, a Platinum FlightCard member and two other passengers can fly one-way from Augusta, GA, to Kiawah Island, SC, for only $447!

ImagineAir is the first on-demand aircraft operator to launch a dynamic, online reservations system that allows customers to instantly price and book flights on the company website (www.flyimagineair.com). And the price is right – ImagineAir clients are charged only for the miles they fly. That’s it – no aircraft repositioning charges, pilot waiting fees, or other hidden expenses associated with other charter services. Additionally, there are no price penalties for last-minute flights with ImagineAir. The cost is the same whether the flight is reserved six months in advance or with only a few hours notice.

The Cirrus SR22-GTS is a luxurious, three-passenger aircraft with a cruising speed of over 200 miles per hour. The Cirrus is equipped with parachute for the whole plane, making it among the safest, most technologically advanced aircraft ever built. Starting in 2008, ImagineAir will expand its fleet to include Eclipse 500 very light jets (VLJs), which can accommodate up to five passengers and fly 1300 miles non-stop.
About ImagineAir
Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, ImagineAir is committed to providing safe, affordable, and reliable on-demand air taxi service throughout the Southeastern United States. With its fleet of new Cirrus SR22-GTS and Eclipse 500 very light jet (VLJ) aircraft and a network of thousands of underutilized airports, ImagineAir makes regional travel easier, faster, and more comfortable than ever before. For more information, visit www.flyimagineair.com.

ImagineAir Continues to Foster Growth

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. – August 02, 2010 – ImagineAir’s second quarter report for 2010 confirmed another record quarter for flight bookings and revenue. Flight demand increased 86 percent alongside a 101 percent jump in revenue, compared to the same quarter in 2009.

To match increasing flight demand, ImagineAir is acquiring additional aircraft to their fleet of Cirrus SR22 GTS aircraft.

“We needed to grow our fleet size in order to match the increasing demand. In the current economic climate, small and medium size business owners are looking for a more economical option than charter or corporate aircraft for their regional travel needs” according to Ben Hamilton, President & CEO of ImagineAir.