ImagineAir is revolutionizing aviation, making the benefits of private air travel more convenient and accessible than ever before. We fly travelers practically door to door and avoid the time and aggravation of long drives, traffic jams, and missed opportunities. Time with loved ones and the ability to connect face-to-face, in business and in life, are irreplaceable. You can rely on us to bring that to you, consistently.

How do we do it?

ImagineAir services an extensive network of lightly used airports, most within 10 to 15 minutes of passengers' homes, offices and destinations.

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Our Promise

We don’t know the meaning of being fashionably late. What we do know is that we’re on time — your time. But we will not fly over the fact that you deserve nothing short of excellence. So we give you the next generation of air travel, connecting you with others seamlessly and safely, with our personal commitment to give you the very best experience. Expect us to share our values. If we did not believe you could rely on us, we would not invite you to fly with us.