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A New Era of Travel

The air taxi model, imagined only a short time ago, attempts to solve systemic problems in modern ground and air travel.

Today there are less than 50 major commercial airports in the US-hubs that are being overwhelmed with as many as 100 million travelers per year. This contributes to delays and cancellations which we are all too familiar with.

Enter the Air Taxi

The United States boasts roughly one third of the worlds airports - approximately 14000 of them. Chances are one of these airports is just a few miles from your home or business. Imagine being able to travel between any one of them - saving measureless time avoiding traffic, parking, lines, security, check-ins, delays and cancellations, etc.

This is the convenience ImagineAir customers have discovered. After calling or booking their flight online, our customers simply drive to the airport, greet their awaiting pilot, board their planes and go - no hassles, no joke.

Driving Down the Cost

Air taxi is a relatively new concept that uses technology, volume and efficiency to create cost savings that is passed to the customer. Air taxi retains all of the convenience of chartering a private jet, but for just a fraction of the cost. All flights are charged a flat rate based on the route. ImagineAir then uses an advanced automation system with the help of a highly skilled operations team to do the heavy lifting.

From "Road Warriors" to "Air Ninjas"

Its not hard to imagine a three to four day road trip focused on visiting clients, patients or satellite locations. This involves spending dozens of hours on the road and before ImagineAir, many of our customers did just that. Many also spent an equivalent amount of time flying commercial between regional airports and still a few drained their travel budgets chartering expensive aircraft.

Now with ImagineAir customers can make three meetings in three different cities all in a day - and still be back to debrief their colleagues or enjoy dinner with their family. Once only warriors of the road, ImagineAir customers are now truly ninjas of the air - and all at a cost nearly equivalent to a last minute or business class airline seat.

Saving Even More

While we pride ourselves on our simple and affordable pricing, there are many itineraries that are especially efficient. This includes round trips with short layovers such as business meetings, or trips that depart and arrive at an ImagineAir domicile. We reward these flights with additional savings through our DayTrips and ImagineFare program. ImagineFares will be calculated automatically when you quotea flight.

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