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Making Safety a Priority

Using the industry's most advanced and safest aircraft, employing the most experienced pilots, and performing the most thorough proactive maintenance assure that we get you to your destination safely.

Introducing the SR22 and CAPS...

The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (or CAPS) is a revolutionary safety feature recently introduced into mainstream small aircraft. During an emergency, it allows the pilot to, as a last-resort measure, deploy a parachute which will lower the entire aircraft and its occupants safely to the ground. No other make of aircraft or airline can boast such a feature.

Fortunately, the standard safety features and next generation flight controls make the parachute no more than an after-thought. ImagineAir's aircraft have fully automated, glass cockpits including weather and air traffic monitoring capabilities. Situational awareness is key, and the flight systems in the Cirrus allow pilots to be more prepared than ever before.

Our Pilots

ImagineAir selects its pilots from a deep pool of aviation talent and experience. All of ImagineAir's pilots are full time employees, many of who are former airline captains and military officers. Combined, our pilots average nearly 10,000 hours of flying experience. Despite such experience, ImagineAir pilots are subject to a rigorous recurrent training program every 6 months, to ensure they remain proficient and prepared.

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