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Imagine saving up to 20%, every time you fly! Get an even better value with the ImagineAir FlightCard Savings Program. If you use our service twice a year or twice a week, we offer a program for you. Also, gain the convenience of accessing your account online, where you can check your balance, view your flight history and adjust upcoming reservations.

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ImagineFares reward our customers for allowing us to utilize our airplanes in the most efficient way possible. We fly you from one our our domiciled areas to as many different destinations as you'd like and return you home the same day. ImagineFares redefine what you can do in a day. Break the notion that traveling hundreds of miles automatically requires an overnight stay. The possibilities are endless.

Just book your flight as you would any other. Our system will automatically detect ImagineFares.

Empty Legs/Standby

Fly for as little as $49 one-way by becoming an ImagineAir Standby program member. For more information about the program, read our FAQs or visit our standby site at the link below to apply for an invite.


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