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Introducing ImagineAir's newest low fares.

Long commutes, overnighting and the rising cost of fuel forever plague business travelers, but ImagineAir is here to help. Our innovative DayTrip specials not only make traveling to your business gatherings affordable, but provide an entirely new way to conduct your meetings!


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Deep Discounts

For qualified trips, ImagineAir has introduced an unparalleled fare reduction, accessible through our normal reservation system. Round trip fares start as low as $800 (for the entire plane) and FlightCard customers save even more.


Meet in Style

ImagineAir has teamed up with private airport terminals (FBOs) to help provide fully-equipped facilities for holding business meetings on-site. What better back drop for your business meeting than private aircraft?


Qualifying Trips

To book a DayTrip, call us or visit our online booking page. A DayTrip will be applied automatically to any qualifying reservation. Any round trip with a two-hour-or-less layover at the destination will qualify... perfect for your next business meeting, lunch, document signing or presentation.






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