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Membership Program

FlightCard Members

The ImagineAir Membership Program is our way of rewarding our customers for their continued patronage. As a FlightCard member, pay the up-front cost of the FlightCard and then deduct each flight from your balance as you travel at discounts of up to 15%. Benefits include:
  • Discount all flights up to 15%
  • Unlimited number of account members
  • Easy online booking
  • High priority for busy and waitlisted days
  • Assistance booking cars and taxis

Aircraft Owners

ImagineAir's platinum members receive the greatest returns a traveler-turned-investor can make. As an aircraft owner, members receive unprecendented travel benefits in addition to the financial return of their aircraft. These include:
  • More than $200,000 of flight credit
  • Tax benefits exceeding $250,000
  • All FlightCard member benefits
  • Highest priority for busy and waitlisted days
  • Free advanced cancellations and changes
  • Free wait time
  • 15% discount on all flights (after credit)
  • Assistance booking cars and taxis
  • Assistance booking hotels
  • Name your aircraft!
Contact us at
1-877-359-4242  or

What's the Catch?

Nothing! Fly without aircraft repositioning fees, fuel surcharges, overnight crew fees, or monthly management fees. There are no extra charges for additional passengers. When your balance reaches zero, you have the option to renew, upgrade, or walk away, no strings attached. You may share your FlightCard experience with anyone whether you are traveling with family, friends or to visit clients.

Even if you fly with ImagineAir as little as twice per year, the Membership program is for you!

*Additional FlightCard amounts, discounts and terms are non-negotiable. For more information, please call ImagineAir sales at 877-359-4242 x1.



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