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ImagineAir Appoints Linda Rosenberg as Chief Marketing Officer

Dec 15, 2015 in ImagineAir News, Industry Blog, Press Releases

Leading on-demand travel provider taps former CPG and startup marketing executive to lead expansion to West Coast and app launch in 2016

Use Promo Code HOLIDAY999 to Fly Private for Just $999

Dec 02, 2015 in ImagineAir News

If you've ever wanted to try flying privately, our holiday promotion offers up to thousands of dollars in savings! Our primary service area includes the entire East Coast of the United States

Merger Creates the Nation's Largest Air Taxi Service

Feb 20, 2014 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

ImagineAir and Kavoo Merge forces and now service the Eastern U.S.

ImagineAir Announces Expansion

Feb 27, 2013 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

In celebration of expanding their North Carolina operations, ImagineAir is offering an online promotion for $1 Standby Flights.

Announcing DayTrip Specials for Business Travelers

Jul 31, 2012 in ImagineAir News, Industry Blog, Press Releases

ImagineAir and regional private airport terminals (FBOs) team up to introduce a new way to make business meetings more efficient for passengers.

ImagineAir Provides Alternative Transportation to the 2012 Masters Tournament

Apr 04, 2012 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

Historically, the week of The Masters Tournament has been one of the busiest for ImagineAir in terms of demand, and the company is confident the 2012 Masters Tournament will prove similar.

Air Taxi Company ImagineAir Announces Strong Growth in 2010

Jan 26, 2011 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

ImagineAir confirmed another record year for flight bookings and revenue in 2010. Despite the economic downturn, the personal air taxi service has seen flight demand grow by 54 percent alongside a 49 percent jump in revenue, compared to the previous year.

ImagineAir - Flying Without the Fuss

Dec 06, 2010 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

In a November press conference, homeland security director Janet Napolitano answered those who questioned the new enhanced airport security screenings, including the new "naked" scanning and full body pat downs: don't fly if you don't like it...

ImagineAir Continues to Foster Growth

Aug 02, 2010 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

ImagineAir's second quarter report for 2010 confirmed another record quarter for flight bookings and revenue. Flight demand increased 86 percent alongside a 101 percent jump in revenue, compared to the same quarter in 2009.

Two Leading Air Taxi Companies Launch Innovative Air Taxi "Flight Network"

Jun 22, 2009 in ImagineAir News

Industry leading Air Taxi providers SATSair and ImagineAir have announced a "cooperative services" agreement to begin "flight networking" to efficiently expand their respective network across a 10 state service area.

New Metro Atlanta Airport now offering Air Taxi Service

May 27, 2009 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

On-demand air carrier ImagineAir announced today that it will begin service to the newly opened Paulding County Regional Airport west of Atlanta. It is the first airport, in the state, to open in over three decades.

Air Taxi Association Companies Unite to Support DayJet Customers and Communities

Sep 22, 2008 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

Air Taxi Association (ATXA) companies announced full support to DayJet customers and communities following DayJet's discontinuation of passenger operations. SATSair, ImagineAir, and North American Jet provide on-demand air transportation to all 60 of the affected communities.

Welcome to the Era of Affordable, Personal Air Travel

Apr 10, 2007 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

ImagineAir today announced the launch of its on-demand, air taxi service to the hundreds of convenient, community airports across the southeastern United States.

ImagineAir Launches State-of-the-Art Optimization System

Mar 22, 2007 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

As excitement builds in anticipation of emerging air taxi services, ImagineAir has developed an innovative scheduling system that instantaneously matches passenger requests with available aircraft to maximize operating efficiency.

ImagineAir Poised to Revolutionize Air Travel

Sep 18, 2006 in ImagineAir News, Press Releases

Innovative on-demand air taxi service ready to serve Georgia. ImagineAir is designed to offer safe, efficient, point-to-point service between regional airports in the Southeast at a cost that rivals that of large commercial carriers and is much lower than that of the traditional private charters.



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