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Although ImagineAir boasts a 96% dispatch rate, several limiting factors may affect flights. Flights maybe affected by certain types of weather, maintenance issues, scheduled delays or previous flights.


It is no secret that weather conditions can affect any flight; commercial, private or air taxi. While ImagineAir flights may be delayed or cancelled on account of any type of prevailing or forecast weather conditions, specific conditions present a more significant risk for operating. These include widespread thunderstorms, icing, severe winds, or conditions that limit visibility. Rain or cloudy conditions alone will generally not cause flights to be cancelled.


ImagineAir strives to maintain and foster the highest standard of maintenance and safety in the industry, and will not operate an aircraft if indications during flight or on pre-flight inspections allude to any amount of operating risk. In such an event, the ImagineAir operations team will attempt to allocate another aircraft to fly the scheduled leg. If none are available, flight legs dependent on that equipment may be delayed or cancelled.


Diversions may occur due to weather or other factors. In the event of a diversion caused by weather or circumstances outside of the customer's control, the customer will be charged the lower of the departure-destination pairs.

Weight Limitations

Low prices are derived from ImagineAir's use of modern, light, and efficient aircraft. The trade-off to this operating efficiency is the weight limitations of these aircraft. For each flight, customers will be provided a with a maximum weight limit that applies to the total weight of all passengers and baggage.


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