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About ImagineAir

ImagineAir is revolutionizing aviation. The heart of our mission is to bring on-demand private air travel to the masses. Now business and leisure travelers can fly practically door-to-door and avoid the time and hassle of a 3 to 8 hour drive, save thousands of dollars versus a private charter, and get home in time for dinner.

How do we do it? ImagineAir services an extensive network of airports, most within 10 to 15 minutes of passengers’ homes and destinations. With the largest fleet of Cirrus SR22-GTS aircraft, one of the most efficient and advanced aircraft in the skies today, and a network of thousands of underutilized airports, ImagineAir makes the benefits of private air travel more convenient and accessible than ever before.

Our Locations

ImagineAir currently services over 1,000 airports throughout the East Coast. Service is expanding to hundreds of additional airports on the West Coast and other areas in the first half of 2016, with additional capacity to service over 4,000 airports nationwide.

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Our Fleet

Unmatched by any aircraft in it's class, ImagineAir operates a uniform fleet of Cirrus SR-22s. The Cirrus is hailed as a leader in state-of-the-art technology, safety, reliability, comfort and performance. Imagine sitting in a new, midsize luxury sedan (such as a Mercedes or Lexus) but cruising at 200 mph.

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