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An Augusta NBC station's report on ImagineAir.
In 2005, NASA researchers at Langley published research envisioning a new transportation system that would allow people to fly door to door - affordably using small, efficient, technologically advanced aircraft. ImagineAir's founders Aaron Sohaki and Ben Hamilton along with Paul Fischer realized that this model could provide a level of service at a price unmatched by the aviation industry today.

So ImagineAir was born.

Technology and efficiency are the backbone of the air taxi model and ImagineAir provides both, with the Cirrus SR-22, one of the safest, most efficient and advanced aircraft in the skies today. ImagineAir employs a group of the most experienced pilots to fly these aircraft to more than 600 airports in the southeast US alone.

Using smaller aircraft, ImagineAir can take passengers around the busiest hubs into their local, community airports. This point-to-point system not only saves an average of 3 hours per one-way trip over the hub-and-spoke system of airline travel, but also has the potential to save day travelers hours and even days on the road for shorter regional trips.

Our Locations

ImagineAir is headquartered at Gwinnett County Aiport in Lawrenceville, GA, with it's operator's certificate held in Atlanta, GA. ImagineAir keeps domiciled aircraft and pilots in Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Charleston SC and Raleigh NC, because repositions are not charged to the customer, technically any airport in the Southeast can be considered "a base".

ImagineAir serves over 600 airports in the Southeast alone; not just the big commercial hubs, but the often closer county and municipal airports that customers find much more accommodating. While operating primarily in the Southeast, ImagineAir has flown customers as far north as St. Paul MN, and as far west as Dallas, TX.

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Our Fleet

Unmatched by any aircraft in it's class, ImagineAir operates a uniform fleet of Cirrus SR-22s. The Cirrus is hailed as a leader in state-of-the-art technology, safety, reliability, comfort and performance. Imagine sitting in a new, midsize luxury sedan (such as a Mercedes or Lexus) but cruising at 200 mph.

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