• Your Private Plane Has Arrived.

    Practical luxury and unbeatable convenience. Turn your long drive into a door-to-door flight, and spend more time on what matters.

  • Reliability is Our Responsibility

    We give our word that you can rely on us: to give you timeliness, maximum safety, short transit, effortless booking, immediate boarding and airport accessibility.

  • Secure In Your Safety

    Relax as you peer out through vast windows over the visible landscape, knowing that you are in the best of hands.

  • Your Private Plane Has Arrived.

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  • Direct Pricing

    Imagine sharing your experience with colleagues, friends or family at one upfront rate, the same rate even if you have up to three people in your party. Our pricing depends on your origin, destination, and flight times, all at your choosing.Learn More

  • Effortless Booking

    Easily book your private flight with our dynamic online platform, in less time than it takes to brush your teeth (remember the 2-minute rule). Or call our friendly, helpful customer care line, at 877.359.4242.

  • Immediate Boarding

    Imagine arriving at an airport, free of security and lines. We don’t know the meaning of being fashionably late. What we do know is that we’re on time - your time.

  • Seamless Experience

    Experience the next generation of air travel, personalized for you. Get to your destination and back with ease and comfort.

  • Home for Dinner

    Imagine saving the one thing you can't get back: time. ImagineAir has flown thousands of passengers home for dinner. Welcome aboard.

Recent News

ImagineAir has flown thousands of passengers home for dinner.

Hear from our clients and the personable pilots who safely fly
them home for dinner.

    • “My experience with ImagineAir has been great. My family does a lot of hunting in Mississippi, which used to mean a 6 hour drive. Now it’s a 1 ½ to 2 hour flight. For business travel, the convenience of being able to get back home by a decent hour is very worth the price. It’s a good value. And I appreciate being able to easily see online how I can get lower fares with small adjustments to the time I travel. It allows me to plan ahead.”

      Jody Tucker

      CEO, Prestwick Companies

      “The pilots are fantastic and flying with ImagineAir is a very enjoyable experience. My time is precious. It is absolutely worth it to not have to deal with Nashville International Airport or what can be a 3 ½ to 7 hour drive from Nashville to Atlanta. I’m a private air enthusiast and feel really comfortable with the Cirrus.”

      Michael Hayes

      President & COO, CB Ragland Company

    • “As a pilot myself, I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and thoroughness displayed by our ImagineAir pilot. Safety is of course everyone's utmost concern and it is obvious that it is your company's main priority. I look forward to utilizing your services again in the future.”

      Matthew Alexander

      “We love ImagineAir and have recommended your services to a number of our friends. Your pilots are safe and very experienced and your service is fast and convenient. Can't get a better combination!”

      Muriel Dollar

      Accountant, Dollar Concrete Construction

    • “I have used ImagineAir for over 2 years and probably 25+ legs. They never disappoint. ImagineAir is timely, professional, courteous and accommodating. It has changed the way I view certain travel needs...certainly for the better!”

      Benjamin Taylor Sr.

      CEO, Assure South/Assure Alliance

    • “The Cirrus is a fantastic airplane with even better avionics than the Boeing 777 - the last airplane I flew at United!! The flying itself is terrific. There is great variety – from going into small uncontrolled fields to occasionally visiting Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, Dulles, or Charlotte. In fact, I've been to over 300 different airports with ImagineAir, and every week it seems like I'm visiting another airport that I've never been to before!”

      Hart Langer

      ImagineAir Pilot

      Former Senior Vice President of Flight Operations, United Airlines Former Chief Pilot, Pan Am

      “Not only are the people great to work with, but the job allows me to be home on a regular basis and still gives me the opportunity to fly a fun, well-equipped airplane.”

      Adam Nance

      ImagineAir Pilot

      Former commercial pilot & flight instructor

    • “I appreciate the safety and flying experience of the Cirrus SR22. ImagineAir is a first class company, and it is really gratifying to get such wonderful feedback from our customers, whether they are on a business trip, going hunting with friends or going to a football game.”

      Melisa Foures

      ImagineAir Pilot

      Former Airshow Pilot & Flight Instructor

      ImagineAir is a very safety-oriented company, and the maintenance is excellent. I now have over 5,200 hours in the Cirrus, and have never had a serious mechanical problem. Flying for ImagineAir is even more enjoyable than flying for Pan Am or United (which I did for many years)! We get to directly interact with our customers and show them how great our service is.”

      Hart Langer

      ImagineAir Pilot

      Former Senior Vice President of Flight Operations, United Airlines Former Chief Pilot, Pan Am